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Beijing Weather

Beijing Weather & Local Time

Beijing's climate is defined as "continental monsoon." Beijing has distinctive four seasons.
In spring time, Beijing is a bit dusty and windy. Spring is short here and excursions are a popular form of tourism.
Summer is hot, but the hot weather is short-lived, plus, rainfall is plentiful.
Autumn, lasting about 50 days, is the best season for tourism and the temperature is mild and the sun is out a lot.
Winter is long and cold, but the ice lantern shows an skiing still attract many tourists.

The best times to visit Beijing are spring (April and May are nicest) and fall (September and October can be beautiful). Beijing experiences cold and dry winters, with January temperatures falling to -8ºC (17ºF). By July, the city's average highs exceed 30ºC (86ºF) as Southeast Asia's monsoon system pushes hot and humid air northward, bringing with it regular rains.

How is Beijing's Four Seasons ?
Seasons Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Duration Apr 1 to Jun 4 Junp 5 to Sep 7 Sep 8 to Oct 22 Oct 23 to Mar 31 next year
Number of days 65 95 45 160
Description Dry and Windy Hot and Rainy Pretty and Transient Cold and Clear

Beijing Temperature and Rainfall
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temperature (Celsius) -4.6 -2.2 4.5 13.1 19.8 24.0 25.8 24.4 19.4 12.4 4.1 -2.7
Rainfall (cm) 3.0 7.4 8.6 19.4 33.1 77.8 192.5 212.3 57.0 24.0 6.6 2.6
Days of rainfall 2.0 3.1 4.1 4.6 5.9 9.7 14.1 13.2 6.8 5.0 3.7 1.6

Most of the city's tourist attractions are historical sites or folklore tour that are not affected by the change of season. Therefore. Tourists can come to Beijing all year round. Weather forecasts are available on major media and through the telephone service.

Clothing for traveling Beijing:
Spring more windy, people are wearing sweater and wadded jacket these days
Summer T-shirts and light pants or shorts are the best choice. Rain gear is necessary if you travel during the summer months.
Autumn wear jeans and a sweater will be enough for you.
Winter it is a good idea to dress in layers: long underwear and jeans, shirt, sweater and down jacket. If you want to travel to the outskirts of Beijing in the cold months, you can buy a thick cotton army coat and a fur hat.

Keeping from Peak Holidays in Beijing:
It is wise to avoid traveling in China during Chinese holidays when it is the time local Chinese are touring around.
The most crowded seasons in China are:
Chinese Spring Festival ( usually in late Jan or early Feb.),
International Labor Day ( May 01 to 07 ) and
National Day ( Oct 01-07 ).
Spring Festival is the most crowded time for travelling.

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